Thursday, March 23, 2006

I Have Knitting ADD....

Fortunately I feel a UFO Attack coming on. I'm not even sure I got all my UFO's on this list. How sad is THAT? {sigh}

On The Needles
*yarn/pattern in the house, not quite ON the needles

Clapotis. A second one...skinnier and longer than the pattern calls for. Using Art Yarns Royal Silk in a muted lime green. PROGRESS. All that is left is end weaving and blocking! MORE PROGRESS!! Ends are woven in. I wore it yesterday. It is still unblocked, but really...does that matter???

Sophie Bag. I just have the 7 stitch flat I-cord to finish and then felt it. It will go to the Youth Auction at church. Using Iceland in a red/purple variegated.

Sophie Bag. Black Cascade 220 with pink Gedifra around the top. I JUST need to kitchner the handle to the bag. If I could just find the bag...

Striped Hat. A Pick Up Sticks Kit. Can't remember the name. All knitted and finished...just have to felt it. In the kit yarn (I think it's Cascade 220 Heathers) in pink and green.

Dad's Scarf. My own design for my dad. Some fool thought it was a good idea to go stockinette with this thing.... Using Jo Sharp Silk Road Aran in Navy. Progress. Slow.... I feel like I knit and knit and knit and don't make any progress....

Shapely Tank. A fitted tank top using short rows to make darts for the bust. I started it last October, dorked it. Ripped it out and started over a couple weeks ago. Doing both front and back together so I can dork equally. Using Debbie Bliss Calmer in a tanzanite/periwinkle.

Hallowig. Again from First of three. Mine is lime green. Grape Purple and Hot Pink for the DD's. Red Heart. (ICK!!! Seriously skanky to knit with....)

Clapotis. Cascade 220 Quattro. Blue. DD started it and declared it too hard and gave up. I confiscated the yarn and have started it..

Emma’s Lace Scarf. Pattern by Vicki Suan. A local designer. Using blue and green variegated Art Yarns Supermerino. Progress. It's an 8 row pattern repeat so I work 8 rows at a sitting. Got 16 done last night.

Cell Phone case/small purse. Took a class on Magic Loop and this is what we made. I have to do the I-cord. It's for DD, so I oughta get that done. Using Noro Kureyon.

Fingerless Gloves. Pattern by my friend Kim. Using an alpaca in periwinkle.

Fruit Cap. I’m at the color change. Could finish in a couple hours.

Feather and Fan Afghan. Just something to keep me warm in my family room in the winter. Malabrigo 100% wool. Indigo

Soleil.* A tank top from Using Hempathy in chocolate. I blame Mary. She raved about this yarn. I was moderately interested...I COULD HAVE resisted. But no. Mary had to go and rave on about it... Hmph.

Zippered Cardigan.* I have enough Malabrigo, but I’m just not sure I want to do this.

Chemo Caps.* I have single skeins of Malabrigo to do a bunch.

Socks.* Pink Dreambaby cause it’s decent yarn but inexpensive. For my first attempt at socks. I don't have much hope for them....but who the heck knows....

Lace-Edged V-Neck Tank.** Pattern from Art Yarns by Iris Schreier. Written for the Regal Silk. So I will use Regal Silk. In a variegated purple and black. Go Kings! (**yarn on order)

(That's 18 if you're counting....)


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